When you wear a toupee for men for a while, you may find that your hair replacement wrinkles or tends to wrinkle. This problem not only affects the natural appearance of your toupee hair but also makes the wearing process difficult because the bottom of the hair pieces becomes it is no longer flat and cannot fit smoothly and evenly on your scalp. This blog is to study why Toupee wrinkles and how to prevent this phenomenon.

    When shopping for a hair system online, you must accurately measure the bald area and choose the right men wigs. If your scalp measures about 8x10", if you choose a 6x8" hair pieces for men, that means the salon will eventually have to stretch the base to get you to wear the hair replacement for men.

    Overstretching the base can cause a lot of wrinkling or will not repair the base material at all, eventually leading to damage to the mens hair pieces. If you can't measure the size of the toupees accurately, we recommend that you choose larger size male wigs as much as possible to leave room for rectification.

    When you wear an ultra-thin skin hair systems, you use two layers of tape, which is too thick for your hair pieces for thinning hair. Tape can create bump marks on the men hair and create creases at the bottom of the mens hair replacement, which can collect some sweat and grease.

    Excessive scratching of your hair systems for men can be one of the reasons for the wrinkles at the bottom of your hair wig for men, if you lack maintenance on your toupee wig, do not wash your male hair regularly, cause some skin problems on the top of your head, or if you are allergic to wig adhesives, then you may You can't help scratching the mens toupee, which can also cause wrinkles at the bottom. Make sure to root out these causes before wearing the mens hair systems next time to prevent yourself from scratching and eventually damaging the fake hair for men.

    And whether you use hot or even lukewarm water when you wash your mens hair piece. Have you ever heard of the physical phenomenon "thermal expansion and cold contraction"? Hot water will definitely stretch the base of the men toupee, causing wrinkles. We also recommend using cold water or at least lukewarm water if you like to get in the rain with your men's toupees. If you insist on using hot water to wash your hairpieces for men, it will eventually dry out your hair and cause hair loss.

    If your mens black wig wrinkle problem is too severe to fix, then you may need new mens hairpieces!