Skin Hair System - The base of this hair system has 0.03mm ultra hair; 0.04-0.06mm thin skin hair; 0.07-0.15mm thick skin hair.

    Skin hair mens hair system works well with you because it's thin, lightweight, and doesn't stress your skin. So much so that you sometimes forget you're wearing thin skin hair toupee.

    They are great at hiding baldness and giving you a new look. Thin skin hair replacement for men not only have various hairstyles, hair colors, but also different hair materials, such as Indian hair, European hair, Brazilian hair, etc.

    The skin Toupee hair base of the thin skin hair system is made of polyurethane, which gives it a non-porous solid surface. Therefore, you can wear mens human hair unit while exercising with confidence that no dirt or sweat will get into the wig hair.

    Like its name, the hair pieces for thinning hair give you an extremely light and natural feel, just like the skin.

    Thin skin hair uses the v-looped technique, where the 100% real human hair appears to have grown naturally from the scalp and moves as freely as real hair.

    Thin skin toupee hair systems have a longer lifespan, up to 13-15 weeks if handled properly. It can be worn using glue as it is non-porous and the glue will not mess up the hair. Of course, it's also easy to clean.

    There is a lot of thin skin mens wigs, why are you still hesitating?