How to take off hair system?


When removing the hair systems, if you don’t know the correct method, you may damage it. I will now introduce you some tips for taking off your toupee hair wig.


There are three steps to follow:


1. Use some depilatory on your hair system area.

Wait a few minutes, after it penetrates and breaks the bond, you can proceed to the next step.


2. The hair system starts from the back of the hair system.

The hairline is usually delicate. If it starts to peel off, it may break the natural hairline. Therefore, we recommend starting peeling from the back of the hair system. If you wear a full hat, we recommend peeling off from the burn corner first, and then peeling back.


3. Use your fingertips to find the surrounding edges from the back.

After a few minutes, spray the degumming agent to peel off the back of the hair replacement system. Then a few inches later, spray more degumming agent. This will break the adhesion and make the pieces easier to peel off. Tips: If you are wearing the skin hair piece, please do not pull too hard, otherwise it may lengthen your skin hair piece.