In Toupeec, you can see that there are many different models of mens hair pieces. Many customers do not know how to choose the toupee. However, each customer has their own needs. Then toupeec will introduce you to the characteristics of each hair system. See which hair replacement is what you want.

If you just look at the pictures of these hair replacement systems, you will find that basically all toupee are different, because we show you different styles of base, different colors of hair, different hairstyles, and different men’s face shapes. These factors have caused you to have difficulty choosing.

How to choose the hair system that suits you best?

In fact, we can divide the hair system into 3 types according to the base type, full skin, lace base and mono hair system. The whole skin mesh bottom fits the top of the head more naturally, because the skin hair system is the thinnest and easy to clean. Since the bottom is a whole piece of skin, it is not breathable. Of course, you can also choose to make some small holes in your skin.


But that will make the hair system go bad faster. It is very light, but not durable. Generally, it needs to be replaced with a new one in about 1-3 months. For a hair system with good air permeability, you can choose a lace mesh bottom. The lace hair system is softer and stronger than the skin. It looks very natural when worn.It is a net bottom, with a knotted fabric, good ventilation effect, if you are prone to sweating, or the location is often hot, don't hesitate, it is a good choice, but it is more troublesome to clean.


Mono base is the toughest and most durable hair replacement. Because the material is harder, it feels worse when it touches the top of the head, so it usually uses pu edges or adds front lace. The mono hair system can also withstand higher density and weight. Relatively heavier than the previous two. The hair system of this kind of substrate can generally be used for six months to one year.


How to wear the hair replacement systems?


Toupeec recommends that the best way is to use tape and glue together.

You can first use tape to cover a circle and then tape it, and glue it on the untouched areas, because the glue can reach very small and detailed locations, but the tape is glued to a large piece, it is best to use it together. The special tape is very soft and thin, so it will not feel particularly uncomfortable. Glue has a disadvantage, it is easy to stain. This glue is specially designed to fit the skin and will not cause major problems.


Why many people like the skin hair systems

The skin hair system has many groups of hair replacement wearers。Toupeec collected feedback from many customers and summarized the following reasons: 1. The skin hair system is easy to fix and adjust to any size. Because the skin is thin, it has a natural appearance to the scalp. The hairline part uses V-shaped hair. The hair passes into the base and is pulled back through the skin base without any knots. , Can be styled or combed in the desired direction, looks more natural, medium hair density, very light weight, easy to bond, easy to clean.

For the skin and hair system, we currently recommend a thickness of 0.04-0.06mm, which is also the most common thickness choice. The ultra-thin 0.03mm transparency is like plastic wrap, but it is too easy to damage, and many customers will destroy it during the first cleaning, so we do not recommend you to choose ultra-thin skin. Of course, if you are a long-term hair replacement Wearer, then you know how to maintain this type of hair system.


Toupeec is committed to let every hair loss person enjoy life again. We help every bald man in need by non-surgical hair replacement. There is no high cost here, which can make you look better and help you regain it. With a handsome image and the possibility of pursuing trends again, we are happy to help you regain confidence, gain communication, and win love. On this basis, we pay attention to each customer's detailed needs, post-use feedback, shopping experience, etc., to provide the most professional and enthusiastic service, and constantly improve our requirements, to give you the most satisfactory service.