Use onion juice


Known as the mother’s recipe, onion juice stimulates hair growth on your scalp. Sulphur is the main ingredient in onion. It boosts production of collagen which supports hair tissues to enhance hair growth. It might take time to get used to its sharp stench but you’ll get used to it within a couple of applications. Wondering how to prepare this men’s hair growth recipe?


Grate a mid-sized onion and squeeze out the juice. Apply it on your scalp with a cotton ball and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with a mild shampoo after that to get glorious hair. Repeat this twice a week and see the results!


Get oil massage


Data from a study reveals that five minutes of scalp massage thrice a week can give you thicker hair growth. Coconut, Gooseberry, and Almond oil are great for healthy hair. Mixing them in a proportion and massaging regularly on your scalp helps men get thicker, healthier hair. Our scalp has various pressure points which stimulate hair growth if massaged properly. Most people do this before a hair wash and massage the head before rinsing.

Essential oils like peppermint and rosemary also help boost hair growth.


Adopt healthy diet


A diet containing ample protein, vitamin A, B, C and D, biotin and minerals like zinc & magnesium will help curb hair fall. For men, the most effective tip to get healthy hair growth is to take a nutritious diet. Nothing works better for hair than the food you intake. Natural foods like nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs and oats greatly contribute to boost hair growth in men.

In addition to that, drinking adequate water always has been recommended by dermatologists. It not only flushes out toxins but also gives you healthier, better hair.


Say bye to dandruff


Dandruff is known to cause hair loss in both men and women. But in men, sometimes it causes chronic hair loss. Guys, if you want thick and healthy hair, don’t let dandruff settle on your shoulders. Say goodbye to this condition by consulting your dermatologist. There are skin friendly shampoos & conditioners that support hair growth and check dandruff.

Sometimes, dandruff needs external as well as internal medication. Ask your doctor to give you oral pills if necessary. Remember, nothing is more precious than your hair!


No over styling


Hair sprays color, hair wax, and gels look cool but they are not always good for your hair. Hair straightening treatments, hot curling iron, and bleaching are common these days when guys go out for partying. All these styling techniques however aren’t hair friendly. Most of the hair styling products leads to hair loss, dandruff, premature greying and also skin diseases. Therefore, it is always recommended to use minimal styling products on your hair.

Bonus Healthy hair tip: Men with long hair, don’t twist, twirl, or pull your hair tight. Don’t tie them tight also if you want to avoid hair loss.   


Use coconut milk


Coconut milk contains some fats but very few know about its mineral contents. It is rich in iron and potassium both highly beneficial for hair. For men, who are looking for natural hair growth solutions, use of coconut is highly recommended. Extract fresh coconut milk, add half a squeeze of lemon and four drops of essential lavender oil to the coconut milk.  After mixing it well, apply the solution on your scalp.

Leave it for 4-5 hours and rinse with mild shampoo. Within a couple of weeks, you will surely notice improvement in your hair texture.


Apply green tea


Green tea is known for weight loss but the same oxidants also help get healthy hair. If you want to prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth, apply warm green tea from the used tea bags over your scalp and leave it on for about an hour before rinsing with cold water. For men who want to retain their precious hair, this tip works best as green tea adds volume to your hair and also help them shiny.  


Avoid stress


According to hair experts, stress and anxiety can physically weaken the body including your hair cells. "Telogen effluvium” is a medical condition directly related to hair thinning and hair loss encountered by people when struggling with stress. Lack of sleep also hinders hair growth in men and causes stress.

Practice yoga and meditation to tackle everyday stress and maintain a mental balance. Follow this hair growth tip for men and you will feel considerable change in your lifestyle which will also help your hair achieve superior health.


Apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar has the ability to control the pH balance in your body. Take 75 ml apple cider vinegar and add one litre of water. If you want less amount of the solution, reduce the quantities proportionately. Apply this solution on your hair like conditioner and rinse off with normal water after few minutes. Once done, your hair will look like they were never before, healthier and heavier.


Apply Egg mask


Eggs contain high levels of proteins which help in the formation of new hair. Eggs are also rich in sulphur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorus and iodine which are nutrients required for healthy hair.  All you guys need is egg white to make the egg mask and a spoon of olive oil. Mix them well and apply all over the scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and after that rinse with cold water and mild shampoo. Result? You will get thicker, shiny and healthy hair.  Follow this hair growth tip for men and get the hairstyles you always dreamt of. Men who lack volume in their hair must make these men's hair growth tips part of their lifestyle.


Above healthy hair growth tips are very helpful for men who are looking for natural hair growth. Start following these hair tips and you can prevent your hair from thinning. That said, these hair growth tips won’t trigger a drastic change in your hair look. Genes & age triggered hair loss is almost impossible to reverse with such practices. The only saviour on such occasion is a hair system.

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