You've been wearing lace for a while. You decide it's time to take your device down and clean it; but once you take it off, there's always tape left in your device. For most people, it's a pain. What are you going to do?


Here are five simple steps to make your lace hair look new. This process will help remove glue, adhesives, and other adhesives from the base of the lace hair system, as well as the hair in the lace hair system. If your unit is made of silicon, or if there is any silicon on the unit, do not follow this process!


Remove the tape


Start peeling the wig from the polyurethane area of your lace hair system. Do not attempt to tear off or tear off any tape from the lace area as this may damage the unit. If it's hard to tear the tape off, try dipping the lace hair system in the degummer first.


Soak lace hair system


Soak the lace hair in a liquid solvent. The soaking time may vary depending on the type of lace hair system and adhesive you use. Some only need to soak for 20 minutes, others need to be stored in solvent for 24 hours.


Clean your lace hair system


Take the hair out of the solvent and put it in the sink with the hair at the bottom. Gently remove the residue with a nail brush. After removing most of the residue, return your device to the solvent for a few minutes.


Rinse Lace your hair system


Move your hair piece from the solvent back into the sink and spray a lot of hand sanitizer on the bottom of your hair while it's still dripping solvent. At this point, any remaining tape will lose its adhesion. Gently slide the nail brush over the edge of the base, through the hair, and any residue should slip away easily. After brushing your teeth for a few minutes, rinse the roots of your hair with warm, high-pressure water. If you still have glue residue in your hair, you may not have soaked it in the solvent long enough.


Shampoo and adjust your lace hair system


Finally, after a thorough rinse, wash the equipment thoroughly again, this time with mild shampoo to balance acid levels and final condition.


Your hair system should be clean by now, with no old tape residue.