There are too many bases for hair systems, but deciding which one is critical to order the best hair system for your unique needs. Whether you are a user of a new hair system or a hair system that has been used for some time, understanding the range of basic types can help you choose the hair system that best suits your needs. As the world's top supplier of hair systems, we provide customers with one of the most popular hair systems.


Look at the best hair toupee base for designing high quality hair pieces and custom hair wigs:


Toupeec's hair system bases:


Toupeec has been designing undetectable hair systems for more than a decade and has brought our customers the following hair system basics to choose from


1) Skin base


2) Full lace base


3) Lace / mono with PU edge


4) Skin with lace front



Skin hair system




The skin base is chosen by those who don't want to compromise on the natural appearance of the hair system. This hair system base is totally undetectable because it is very thin and becomes part of your skin itself. We have four skin bases:


4 types of skin bases:


Ultra thin skin 0.03mm. Durability: 3 months


BIO skin 0.08mm. Durability: 3 months


Poly skin 0.14mm. Durability: 5-6 months


Silicon 0.25mm. Durability: 12-18 months


Toupeec can deliver 3 types of ventilation on these skin hair system bases:

Single split knots – These last longer but may look less natural as the knots are visible.


V-loops – These do not have knots and hence look more natural.


Injected – This type of ventilation sheds easier and cannot hold heavier densities.



Lace base for hair system


This foundation is perfect for those who want to balance durability and natural appeal. It is known that hair systems designed with this basic selection will last longer than normal skin based hair systems. At toupeec, we offer two types of lace base options:


1) Swiss Lace - this is the most natural, undetectable and breathable base material. It's very thin, delicate and soft, so it's very comfortable to wear. However, its service life is less than other materials, so it needs to be replaced more frequently.


2) French lace - the most popular material, exquisite, breathable and durable. Because of its natural appearance color, it is most suitable for the front of the hair system, such as the mono with French lace front.


Are you worried about the cost of changing your hair? Don't worry, after mastering the skills of your hair system, it doesn't cost much. Check out our hair replacement accessory cost guide for more information.


Mono base of hair system


Some wig and hair system wearers want durability rather than an imperceptible appearance. For this kind of hair system users, mono base is the ideal choice. We offer four types of monofilament hair system bases for customers in more than 200 countries:

Fine Welded Mono – This is the strongest mono and has a lace front. It is very durable, natural and can support higher densities.

2)      Fine Mono – Our most common mono, this hair system base design is breathable, durable and supports higher densities. It must be folded if used at the edges of the base.

3)      Super Fine Mono – This mono base has smaller holes which makes it more delicate. It must be folded if used at the edge of the base. This mono isn't suitable for high densities.

4)      German Net – More durable and less natural than the other materials shared above.



End of hair system foundation guide!


We hope our quick hair system foundation guide will help you understand what the hair system foundation is and find out which foundation material is most suitable for you. Toupeec has thousands of alternate hair systems that can be shipped immediately, with a variety of basic types and colors. Our customized hair system catalog is also huge, and it will take less than a month to design and deliver. As always, if you need any help, please contact us through our website or WhatsApp, or through Send us an email


Hair systems and wigs are so common that even top Hollywood celebrities and rock stars wear them.