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Toupeec Real Hairline Toupee For Men Ultra Thin Skin V-looped In Stock Mens Hairpieces

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If you have questions about the price of toupee, or any problems during the order, or you need to know more about the hair system, whether it is worn or selected, contact Alice by WhatsApp +8613165011553 or e-mail, we look forward to your visit and provide you with the best service!
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Hair styling service of mens hair pieces
If you are using toupee hair system for men for the first time, don't worry, Toupeec teaches you how to wear mens hair pieces at home.
How to put on hair toupee for men step by step
Your toupee hair piece is tailor-made for you, we need to make your head ready for a perfect fit.
Step 1: You should design the area above your head to create a smooth surface (cut off all the hair), and then paste the adhesive here.
Step 2: Adhesive (glue or tape) is applied to the scalp and skin / Or a toupee hair pieces. (all our adhesives are certified, non-toxic, anti allergic and harmless to the skin)
Step 3: First gently press the tip of the system to the center of the forehead, and then slowly continue to press the system in a gradual roll back manner, ensuring that both sides of the system are even until they are completely fixed to the back, covering the entire shaving area.
Cap Construction: All Clear Poly,All Mirco Skin,Thickness 0.10-0.12mm
Base Size: 8*6" 9*6" 9*7" 10*7" 10*8",Can Be Cut To Smaller Size
Hair Style: Free Style,Can Be Style To Left Part,Right Crown,Comb Back Etc.
Hair Wave: 36mm, Slight Wave
Density: Light 100%,Light To Medium 110%,Medium 120% 130%
Hair Length: 6 Inches
Front Shape: CC
Hair Type:

100% Euro-Touch Soft Human Hair

Color List:

1B# Natural Black

More Colors On Sale:

1# 2#,7#,12R#,350#,520#,1720#,60RY#,Total 35 Different Colors


This toupee wig is made of high-quality 100% human hair with a comprehensive thin skin base. Neat, comfortable and natural. It is a very realistic skin hair system. The knotless V-loop is used throughout the hair to improve your appearance and allow you to style your hair according to your preferences. Its skin foundation makes it also great in practicality.

The bottom thickness of this hair piece toupee is 0.04mm-0.06mm, which is more durable than the ultra-thin skin of 0.03mm. These Mens hairpieces also have a gradual front hairline and a supernatural top view, which is also very eye-catching. The base material is also easy to attach and clean. The basic size of these mens Hair Pieces is 8" x10".

If you don't like this NG men toupee wigs, we recommend this super skin hair replacement system. It is a thick skin of 0.08mm-0.12mm with small holes in the skin, which is not only durable and breathable, you can try it!

Return:After you receive the hair replacement system, if you find any problem or you're not satisfied with the mens hair piece, please do not cut, style, color or clean the toupee, please contact us directly. Toupeec will give you a perfect solution. Please assured that the toupee has not been cut, shaped, washed, colored or used, we will guarantee a 30-day return.If you had asked us made any changes to the hair system before shipping, such as custom order, the product could not be returned for a refund.

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*For Return*


Easy: e-mail us at  and let us know your order No. to avoid any misunderstanding, in the mail, you send us please explain in detail the problem you are experiencing with the product and also add the pictures of the product showing the damage. We will then provide you with instructions and a return address to ship your set back. All returned items will be inspected to see if you qualify for a refund, as used merchandise will not be refunded. Custom made orders can't be exchanged and returned except for our mistakes.


A full refund will be provided by PayPal after we have received, inspected and confirmed that the returned hair was not used. All customers must contact us after sending the package back and provide us with the tracking information in order for us to process the refund. It will take up to 3-5 business days to process the refund.


Yes, you are responsible for the return shipping costs.

*For Exchange*


Yes. We are happy to accept your setback for an exchange within 30 days, as long as it has not been opened, worn, or tampered with. For any price differences of the exchanged items, we will charge you extra or credit back the overcharge. Custom made orders can't be exchanged and returned except for our mistakes.


Yes, you are responsible for all exchange shipping costs.


We will send you the exchanging hair after we have received, inspected and confirmed that the returned hair not used. All customers must contact us after sending the package back and provide us with the tracking information of the set being sent back, in order for us to place the order for your exchange. It takes 1-2 business days to process all orders from the moment we place it in our system. US orders take 3-5 business days to be delivered with standard free shipping.

FAQ about mens hair systems

How long will my new hair systems last?

The basic material plays an important role in determining the life of the new hair systems. Different bases have different durability. If you want the hair systems to last longer, you may have to compromise the natural nature of the system. To be honest, the more natural the hair replacement system looks, the less durable it will be.

The following is the service life of basic basic materials of common hair systemss for reference:
0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair systems can be used for 1 to 2 months
0.04-0.06mm thin skin hair systems can be used for 2 to 3 months
0.07-0.12 mm poly skin hair systems can be used for 4 to 6 months
0.12-0.15mm thick skin hair systems can be used for about 6 months
Swiss lace hair systems can be used for about 2 months
French lace hair systems can be used for about 3 months
Mono hair systems can be used for more than 6 months
Silk top hair systems can be used for 2-4 months

What are the advantages of different hair systemss?

Skin hair systemss has the most natural hairline. The hair on the base is v-looped, so it is knot free, keeps the most authentic appearance, and is easy to clean and attach. It can be worn and cleaned at home. Because it is very thin, it has low density of bearing hair, so it is very light.
Lace hair systemss is the most comfortable. It's soft and breathable. It's suitable for hot weather or work with a lot of exercise. It won't hurt your skin on the top of your head. The bleached knot is used at the front of the base to keep your real hairline.
Mono hair systemss is the most durable. It is breathable and strong. It can carry a large density of hair, so it is relatively heavy. It is usually combined with a large area of NPU to ensure that it adheres firmly and has a front hairline that cannot be explored.
Silk top hair systemss is smooth and delicate, making you feel cool and breathable. The injected hair ensures its lifelike appearance, which is more and more popular with men.

How to send samples?

We suggest that customers send samples by express, UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT and other express, which is fast and reliable. In contrast, regular mail usually takes more than two weeks to send samples. Please let us know the tracking number as soon as you send the package so that we can track the delivery status.

How to order a perfect fitting custom hair systems?

"Custom" means that your hair replacement system is suitable for your needs. The shape and size of your new unit will match your unique bald pattern. It will be color matched, cropped and styled to blend naturally with your own growing hair. There are two ways to help: 1. Send back a mold and a sample of your own hair (to match color and curl, etc.). Click this link to see how to make a mold. 2. Send back the old equipment you wear for reference. So we can make a perfect copy.

How long can I receive the order?

For customized hair systems (hair systems with white hair or lace base): the standard time is about 2-3 months, and the emergency service time is 6-8 weeks
For the stock hair systems: once we confirm your payment and transportation information, our service specialist Alice will contact you at the first time, and confirm the actual pictures and videos of the products to you. After confirmation, we will deliver the goods immediately. (usually within 24 hours)

After receiving the hair systems, what should we do if we have problems or are not satisfied?

After receiving the hair toupee for men, if you find any problems or are not satisfied with the mens toupee hair, please do not cut, shape, color or clean the hair toupee. Please contact us directly. Toupeec will give you a perfect solution. Please make sure that the mens hairpiece has not been cut, shaped, washed, colored or used. We guarantee that it will be returned within 30 days. If you have asked us to make any changes to the hair replacement system before shipment, such as custom order, the product cannot be refunded.

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