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Professional Factory Service


Hair Replacement Professionals


Born City Qingdao of China, the owner brings nearly 10 years of industry expertise to the hair system business.


The main reason the factory has enjoyed stable growth trajectory is due to a core focus on end-user experience. The owner lukee keen attention to detail at every manufacturing stage has created a culture of care and craftsmanship that the employees are proud to be a part of.


We have maintained business relationships with many companies and hair salons in USA, UK, Australia etc. Producing high-quality toupee hairpieces are determined by various factors such as Natural Bleach Knotting technology, skilled Injection Hair technicians, and meticulous quality control standards. Quality is key so we make sure that our manufacturing process and product integrity is set higher than usual.


Factory cooperation


If you’re an existing hair replacement salon that averages a minimum of 5 hair systems per month, Toupeec can provide you with custom hair systems for both men and women at factory direct prices. Your customers deserve the best custom hair replacement systems, and we can help you provide that.




Manufacturing Process

Hair Preparation

Short hair starands less than 3 inches are seprarated out by drawing the bunch through a hackle. After hackling,the usable hairs are gatherd and are prepared to be washed.

Creating curl pattern

After the hair been hackled and washed it can now be curled and waved. Curls are created by wounding the hair into curlers, boiling it then drying it in a heated oven.

Creating the base

The base can be created from a custom mold suppled by our client or several different ways depending on the order.

Creating the cap

The foundation of the hair system is cut from fine-mesh silk netting that matches the desired hair color.

Hair Knotting

Hair is attached to the cap by procedure called knotting. There are several methods of knotting. A hair system usally requires around 4000 knots.

Finalizing & styling

After the ventilation process the hair is set on rollers to lock in the curl patterns. Soon after it is washed,styled,and inspected for shipment.

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