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Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Non surgical hair replacement systems


Will you lose your hair because of hair loss? Toupeec provides a natural and comfortable non-surgical hair replacement solution for you. It's much better than the previous generation of toupees or hairpieces. Toupeec's non-surgical hair replacement systems looks like your own hair! No need to worry about your daily activities! Go swimming, take a bath and play outside with your family.


Custom tailor hair replacement for men


Toupeec men's hair replacement systems is tailored to your own head parameters. Whether it's due to male type baldness or medication. No matter what kind of hairstyle and color you want, our hair replacement products can provide you with a natural long hair appearance and make your hair grow naturally. Made of the best human hair, most of which are top European men's hair. Toupeec's non-surgical hair replacement are tailored to your exact specifications, your expectations, and your specific lifestyle. The result is a completely natural hair replacement solution with almost no vision or touch.


We understand you


Choosing the right hair replacement option may be one of the most important decisions you make about your appearance, how you see yourself, and how others see you. Toupeec understands that, which means you'll get the best customer service and privacy.


Hair replacement & Hair transplantation


It is better to choose non-surgical hair replacement system than hair transplant surgery.


Nowadays, more and more people suffering from hair loss are using non-surgical hair replacement system instead of transplantation. The hair replacement system only needs to be customized to suit your hair color and density, as well as naturalness and undetectability.


1. The Hair replacement systems are non-surgical


You have to risk anesthesia and fear infection from hair transplants. Most people will feel obvious pain and discomfort after the operation and have been prescribed painkillers.

Using a hair replacement system, the risk is small. The process involves scraping off part of the head and attaching a fine mesh to the scalp. The mesh has hair that matches the color and density of natural hair. In addition to the very rare allergic reaction to adhesive, the use of non-surgical hair transplant system will not bring you any risk of medical problems.


2.Hair replacement systems guarantee results


With hair transplantation, it may take at least half a year or more to see the required hair density results. In some cases of severe hair loss, surgery may not be possible at all, and even so, it is difficult to obtain the desired results. With the hair replacement system, you will have a chance to have complete hair again.


3. There are no restrictions


Non-surgical hair replacement can be applied to anyone, male or female. It's an option for people who are afraid of hair transplants or burns. There are no restrictions on the hair system. You can literally get any hair color, style, density, length or texture you want. After the operation, you will only be able to use the tools available in the donor area.


Hair replacement


How does hair transplant work? There are usually four steps


Select and harvest donation areas


The hair was removed from the donor site. The posterior area of the head is the most common area. However, if you don't have naturally growing hair on your head, it's very difficult to perform this operation.


Hidden donation area


After depilation, the incision was sutured. It usually takes about 10 to 15 days after removal, and your own growing hair can cover up small scars.


Hair transplantation


Once you have the donor band, you can prepare tiny grafts for hair transplants in your bald area. In most cases, the implants at the front hairline contain two to three hairs each. As the graft moves further back from the hairline, the number of hairs per graft will increase.


Cover hair loss area


Typically, this setup takes 2-5 hours to complete. During this period, clients usually remain awake and anesthetized to prevent any painful feelings. Most patients undergoing hair loss surgery will need multiple procedures to fully cover their hair loss area at an appropriate density level.


Who is suitable to replace surgical hair?


Contrary to what TV commercials might tell you (in most cases, they just want to make money), not everyone suffering from hair loss will be the ideal person for hair loss surgery. There are several things to consider:




Young patients (18-25 years old) are usually not suitable candidates because they have recently lost their hair and are likely to get worse. Hair transplanting so early can lead to a limited number of donor hairs distributed incorrectly because doctors can't know exactly the severity of hair loss in the future.


High degree of hair loss

Patients with severe hair loss often have difficulty getting a full head of hair because they have a high ratio of naturally growing hair to baldness. Frankly, they will not have enough donor hair to support a complete replacement.
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