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Choosing the right color for your hair system is very important. With the right color, the hair system can perfectly match with your existing hair.


Here are the two options and most popular ways to help you choose the best-matching color.


Option 1:


Use a certain amount of your own growing hair as a sample. This is the best option. Why? The answer is easy: Nothing beats natural. Your natural hair can allow us to match your true color graduation from the source! So we recommend that you should best take samples of 100-200 strands which are about 2-3" in length. It would be easier for us to analyze the color if you can provide more hair.


If your hair is the same color all over, please just provide one sample. However, if your hair is a different color in different areas (e.g. you have more gray in the sides), try to take samples from 3-6 areas:


-Front: At the hairline or bang area (if possible)


-Top: The front, top of your head (if possible)


-Crown: The back, top of your head (if possible)


-Temples: At the front most part of your hair on the sides


-Sides: Approximately 1-2" above the top of your ear


-Back: As close to the center of the back of your head as possible


NOTE: Please cut a sample from each area and label each one, informing us what part of the head it came from (e.g. front, back, sides, temples, top, crown, etc.).Please make sure the hair is clean. This is important because dirty hair will not show its true color.


Sending in a sample of your own growing hair is the best option and we strongly recommend this. Some clients would prefer photos, but photos don’t reflect the real color of your hair. There’s always a color difference between the computer monitor can display and your original hair tone.




Option 2:


Use our color ring or color swatch to choose the most suitable color.


If you don’t like the idea of providing a sample, we suggest you to look our color chart for a reference and choose the best match for you.


There are more than 40 color swatches included in our color ring. You can pick the closest four or six color swatches from our color ring to eliminate and finally decide on the one that best matches your own growing hair.


Please double check the colors that you choose in sunlight, natural daylight and artificial light. Make sure the one you choose is the best choice.


After you have selected your color, please return the chart with your order details and we will refund or credit this amount towards your purchase.


NOTE: Color ring from any other hair replacement company won’t work for our hair system. Different companies have different codes or colors for hair replacement systems. So if you insist to use a color chart for help, please be sure to use Toupeec color ring.




Option 3:



Photos of each of our colors have been taken and listed on our website. You could compare those colors with your own growing hair and choose the closest one or you could also choose a one that you like best. Your order will soon be processed base on your selection.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: ( We can’t guarantee that the color you see is the 100% same as the actual color that the hair system has. Because it greatly depends on your monitor display. To improve accuracy we highly recommend you send in a sample of your hair.)

Men's Human Hair Color Board ( Females can also use this color board if you like):

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