Male pattern baldness can appear in many patterns, from a receding hairline to a bald vertex on the top of the head. Thinning of the sides or shedding of hair pieces may also occur. Dry scalp, irritation, and other skin conditions can also cause patterns of baldness. Although the only way to solve skin problems is proper care, there are more feasible solutions for hair loss.




Why is the hair system so versatile?



The hair replacement system is a modern twist on the toupee or hairpiece as we know it. They are more natural, more feasible, and easier to be accepted by the public. Compared with other hair loss solutions such as drugs, surgery or organic treatments, hair toupees are more convenient, 100% effective, and may cost less. Another outstanding aspect of hair system is that they are a long-term investment. Even with their low cost and proper care, they can last you for many years. In addition, they have unlimited variety and experimental luxury.




The reason for their infinite diversity is pure need. As more and more people begin to consider wearing hair toupees to cover up hair loss, new creative requirements have surfaced. Toupees are different in many aspects from basic color, length of texture, etc., to more technical aspects such as the type of basic material, the method of attachment, the production or procurement of hair, and so on.


The most important part to explain is the basics. If you feel uncomfortable, toupees are basically a waste of time. This raises a common problem, namely the thin-skin hair system and lace hair system.




Both have their unique features and advantages, but in many cases, the thin skin hair system has won the game. We will discuss the quality of these two basic materials and understand the technical characteristics of the hair system.




Lace hair systems




An elegant lace hair system is relatively soft and imperceptible. It is lace or finely woven mesh fabric and is a popular alternative to non-surgical hair replacement. In this case, the hair is tied by hand to the fine multifilament synthetic lace or thread. This toupee hair system is very breathable. Another advantage is that the hair system is worn when the scalp is not exposed. Most people who like lace hair systems are beginners and they don't have much expertise in dealing with hair systems. Regardless of the connection method, the lace hair system is very strong and easier to handle.




When comparing thin skin hair system with lace, quite a lot of people like lace base; however, quite a lot of people mention some minor shortcomings, such as;




The earlier the lace base is, the more dirty it will be, and it needs to be cleaned more frequently. Generally, it is difficult to remove the product from the base due to its absorbency. They believe that the quality of the fabric does not allow the use of large amounts of adhesive; you need to use as little adhesive as possible, which is tricky for inexperienced people. Despite the fact that they are for beginners, lace hairpieces are often expensive.




Thin skin hair systems




The thin-skin base is made of a mixture of different compounds and polyethylene; to put it simply, it is a mixture of plastic and silicon. Skin bases are often used in Hollywood. Therefore, they have many different qualities and manifestations. The skin thickness can vary according to the price and the density you want. However, since mens skin hair toupees tend to have shorter hair, they will not become too heavy anyway. The skin base usually has loops of hair injected into the base. These clothes are very sturdy and can be used for 4 months as long as you are careful. The most noteworthy aspect of them is how lightweight and natural they appear. Because of their similarity to the skin, even touching a piece of attached hair will not reveal the fact that you are wearing the hair system. Their smooth, smooth material can also prevent it from getting dirty, so there is no need for a tedious cleaning process.




The skin hair system is considered incredibly delicate and requires a careful and expert hand to deal with it. They can be easily torn, broken or connected incorrectly, so they are usually used by professional experts. Although the knots at the base allow some air, skin based hair systems are not the best to provide circulation systems. People sometimes complain that these clothes are difficult to wear in hot or humid climates due to air permeability issues. This base material is very delicate and can be easily torn and wasted if it is handled carelessly.




In the competition between thin skin hair system and lace hair system, there has recently been a peak in favor of thin skinned hair. The reason people are becoming more and more interested is that the company currently provides the most transparent ideological foundation. These transparent foundations will not only merge, but will also be a great backing hairline. The translucent base is made of a special polyethylene, which helps to circulate the air better, making it look more natural and comfortable.