If you are not familiar with the hair system, you may think that toupee and wig are the same thing. After all, they are all non-surgical hair replacement systems for synthetic or real human hair and covering the head.


Nevertheless, there are some key differences between them, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


About wigs


Wigs are hair systems that cover the entire head of the wearer. Traditionally, they were used to hide the scalp of people who were completely bald or shaved and had been worn since ancient Egypt. There are also medical wigs, which are very suitable for those who are undergoing chemotherapy and are diagnosed with cancer, hair loss or other diseases that can lead to long-term hair loss.


In addition, in recent years, celebrities use wigs to try different hairstyles or make fashion claims, while actors also wear wigs for specific roles. Google's simple search of Kardashian families wearing wigs is enough to show you how recognized hair systems are accepted in today's society, and many ordinary people also wear them now.


The wig can be applied on the adhesive tape elastically, or with adhesive tape or special glue, and can be made into various hairstyles. On Toupeec, the general size of a wig or toupee is 8x10, but usually any value between this size and 11x13 is considered to be a oversize toupee or a partial wig. 11x13 and above are wigs.


About Toupee


Toupee, on the other hand, are part of wigs that cover certain areas of the scalp, but not the whole head. Considering the typical area of hair loss, men usually wear more hair than men due to male type baldness, because male baldness still grows hair on both sides and back of the head. The woman's equivalent is a hair topper.


However, toupee hair can also cover only specific areas of the scalp, such as baldness or covering the front of the hairline. Like wigs, toupees are more and more popular in society, and are worn by many people. They can also be coated with tape or special glue and can be customized.


At Toupeec, the general size of a toupee or wig is 8x10, but anything below that size is usually considered a toupee.


Advantages of wigs


Compared to a toupee ,with wigs, you can completely cover your head, and in terms of length, color and density, you don't have to worry about the hair system matching your own hair. In the process, now that you've completely covered your hair, you don't have to worry about losing or thinning any part of your hair when you're outside.


Additionally, because you are completely covering your head with a wig, there is less work and maintenance required overall compared to a toupee when it comes to styling and the entire application process.


Wigs may also have a longer lifespan than toupees because they can be worn and maintained for up to two years. Toupee, by contrast, can be used for up to six months and look more natural, but less durable.


Finally, there are the additional benefits of wigs, whether you are for personal, fashion or role play reasons, you can adopt or try a new hairstyle.


Advantages of toupees


Toupees are good for people who don't want to shave their head completely but just want to cover up their baldness. Have a bald or thinned crown? You only need one toupee to cover the area, and as long as it is applied and shaped correctly, it can match the rest of the hair.


Another advantage is that it looks more natural than a full wig, because the wig looks too perfect and may cause suspicion from family, friends and colleagues. Toupees, on the other hand, will blend with your natural hair. Compared with the full cap wig that needs to be taken off, the wig will not be taken off, and can also be worn to sleep.


Finally, because they don't cover the entire head, they are usually a more affordable option than full cap wigs.


Toupee and wig statistics


According to our data on Toupeec, 98% of men who buy hair systems choose human hair toupees, while 2% buy human hair wigs. At the same time, only a very small number of men choose artificial hair pieces.


By contrast, 70% of women buy hair toppers (the equivalent of men's toupees) and 30% buy human hair wigs.




Human hair wigs and toupees can bring you instant effects, and need to be maintained like any other hair system, but as mentioned above, each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.


Ultimately, it's up to you and your needs.