1.Grow a beard

Science says that women find bald men with a beard more attractive than clean-shaven ones. So, the first tip in the ‘make-bald-look-good’ cheat sheet is to grow a beard that suits your face structure. For the perfect beard, we recommend regular visits to your barber and a healthy diet. Washing it with beard shampoo once a week will also contribute to the growth of a healthy beard.


2.Get a tanned scalp


Getting a healthy tan to your scalp not only works like a charm for our bald brothers but also for men with a receding hairline. Besides delivering a smoother look, a tan also covers up bumps and redness on your head. Men living in hot areas can get a bit of sun therapy just from sitting outside for 30 minutes. On the other hand, men who live in cold areas can get an artificial tan from a local salon. You can also apply sunless tanners to your scalp. However, make sure to exfoliate the area gently beforehand to avoid any side effects.


3.Bulk up


Ever wondered how Hollywood stars like Dwayne Johnson pull off the bald look so well? The secret is a buffed-up body! Get yourself into shape by changing your diet and lifestyle. At the same time as you increase your intake of food rich in vitamins and proteins, hit the gym to get the kind of physique which will divert attention from your baldness. Getting ripped will make you look strong and youthful just like celebrities such as Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham. So get online, watch training videos, get motivated and get yourself to a gym.

Moisturize your scalp A dry scalp is one of the most common problems for hair loss among men and that can lead to baldness. Also known as scalp buildup, this problem is triggered by shaving the head too often with a razor. Dragging multiple razors on your scalp causes a lot of stress on your skin which results in red bumps and flakes. That’s why it is necessary to moisturize your scalp once every two weeks. You can either buy a moisturizer prescribed or use natural home remedies such as coconut oil to end any dry scalp problems and make bald look good. Moisturize using a Q-tip and wash after 20 minutes with a mild shampoo. It will help you get back that lost shine!


4.Wear sunglasses


Facial proportions of men are greatly altered when they start losing hair. So, your style needs to adapt to keep up. That’s why Toupeec suggests balding men wear the right pair of sunglasses – when the weather allows it, of course-to get a brand new look. Apart from protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses are known to make bald men look particularly good! From Aviator to Wayfarer, there is a wide range of sunglasses available for men. Get yourself the pair that best matches the shape of your head and face. If you’re not sure what will suit you best then visit an optician’s for recommendations.


5.Minimal body fat


Our next tip for balding men is to have minimal body fat. The logic is that baldness with minimal body fat becomes more of a style statement rather than a hair loss problem. The body mass can be maintained and adjusted to your body composition by adopting a healthy diet and regular exercise. A combination of tanned skin, a muscular body, and minimal fat have been giving men suffering from hair loss a great look for years! While getting as big as Dwayne Johnson may be unrealistic, reducing body fat is not that big of a challenge if you have the right mindset.


6.Wear the right clothes


We simply cannot emphasize this enough! Clothing makes a huge difference in how you look and how you feel. If you are bald and want to look good, then, go for sharp clothing. Create a wardrobe that brings out the best of your body shape. Consulting a stylist can greatly help in picking the right clothes to accentuate your smooth head! Implementing even half of the above tips and ideas will be enough to make bald look good! Think doing all the above sounds like too much effort? Well, it is! Maybe all you need to do is…


7.Invest in a hairpiece


Wearing a modern hairpiece is the easiest way to look good while being bald. There is something about being able to run your fingers through your hair. For men who are missing that full head of hair, we recommend buying a natural-looking hair system. The non-surgical hair replacement solution is helping men across the world regain 100% natural appearance without the need to undergo painful treatment and side effects brought by medicine or surgical procedures. Modern hair systems give immediate results to men and can make bald look good in an instant! Buying a hairpiece from reputed brands like Toupeec guarantees a hyper-realistic look and comfort at a reasonable price. Toupeec designs and ships custom hair replacement systems all over the world. Our hair products are designed with 100% human hair and come with a 30-day money-back warranty. Have a look at our men’s hair system catalog and see what we’re about.

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