Many men with oily skin or frequent sweating will encounter such a problem. After wearing hair pieces for men for a period of time, the hair will fall off and lift prematurely, and they cannot have a perfect wearing experience. Let's discuss how to wear a toupee wig firmly today!

    If you get oily soon after you wash your scalp; or if your hair base turns yellow after wearing it for a long time, then congratulations, you may have the legendary oily skin. 

    So make sure to clean your scalp thoroughly before using the mens hair systems. Try to avoid using conditioners or any skin care products that contain alcohol.

    When wearing a toupee for men, try to keep your scalp dry and cool, be sure to wipe off excess sweat, and use an adhesive with strong oil control. For oily skin, it is best to remove the toupee hair for cleaning once a week, and do not let it wear for more than two weeks so that a lot of oil secretions will accumulate on the base, causing the wig to lift.

    Of course, when you wear hair pieces for men, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise, swimming, etc., which avoids the cleaning work later. If you still want to wear mens hair systems for sports, then be sure to choose a full lace toupee for men!