Men's hair loss toupee hair pieces are becoming more and more popular and useful. For bald men, the right toupee hair piece can keep them from being abandoned before they are cured. Then, how to get the men’s toupee hair replacement system that suits you? Face shape, hair texture, hair base material and hair color need to be considered.  



Facial shape is one of the most important factors in which hairstyle you want to keep. The right hairstyle can help people show their facial charm. It will be a terrible problem for bald men, especially young bald men. High-quality men's toupee hair pieces help heal wounds.  



There are several basic facial types between humans. Before you choose a hairstyle, you need to determine your face shape. Here are 6 tips to help you get the toupee hair piece you need.  



Oval face



Oval face is a standard face with a proportional coordination. The width of the face is two-thirds of the length. If your face is oval, try a variety of hairstyles. Push back long hair, side short hair, tassel hair, cut hair, etc. can be selected.



Square face



For men with square faces, they have wide chin and sharp edges and corners. The right hairstyle must stretch the face visually. You can choose from the following options: undercut, smooth cut, crew cut, artificial eagle, etc. In short, clean hair is the first choice.



Round face



This shape has no angle or projection. You may feel close and indifferent to them. The tip is to choose a toupee hair piece with a personality style. Attention must be paid to the number and length of hair on the head. You can choose the following styles: undercut, artificial eagle, edge up, etc.





A rectangular face



The most prominent features of long faces are high forehead and long chin. When choosing toupee hair pieces, pay attention to balancing the length of hair. For long face people, there are many options: side split, buzzing cut, side edge, edge attached. To avoid too long sight, only the forehead can be covered with Liuhai.



Diamond face



If you see a man with a narrow chin, a narrow forehead and protruding prominet bone, he must have a diamond face. And the edges and corners are also obvious. For them, they should avoid much shorter hair styles. You can choose from the following options: push back long hair, Eagle like, side edge, and so on.



A heart-shaped face



They have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Medium and long hair is suitable. If the hair is too short, most of the attention will be on the forehead. You can choose from the following four styles: push back, split, edge, and undercut. Above is my suggestion to choose bald men's toupee hair piece according to the facial shape. In addition, other factors need to be considered before deciding whether to wear toupee hair pieces. You can refer to them.  



Hair texture of toupee hair piece for men


Generally speaking, there are three kinds. They are straight, wavy and curly. When choosing hair texture, you don't have to worry. You just need to choose one you like. Now, the hair you need that you can't hold with your hair becomes a reality.



Besy toupee hair piece base material


There are human and synthetic hair. Human hair receiving.

The price will be higher than the composite extension and will last longer. Real toupee hair pieces have a hair life of 3-24 months, while synthetic toupee hair pieces have a life span of 2-3 months. You can choose according to your own situation.  



Mens toupee hair piece color



There are colored hair, gradient and natural colors. If you want to try a different style, you can choose your favorite color hair. But before making a decision, you should consider age, personality, occupation, hobbies, etc.  



When you plan to buy men's toupee hair replacement systems with bald tops, traditional stores and online shopping are available. It is best to consult sales or customer service personnel wherever you buy it. Their professional tips can help you get a satisfactory order.