If you are looking for British mens toupee hair, Toupeec is the product that provides you with the best products. While we are enjoying the beauty, Toupeec will become transparent during the production process, showing you our common toupee hair crocheting method.


Single crochet knitting method:


This crochet technique is characterized by more uniformity and easier combing, and is often used to connect hair around the area. The purpose is to combine the clumpy hair with your hair.


Half-buckle weaving method:


The half-knot method is characterized by smallness, that is, the hollowed hair roots are small, and the hair roots can hardly be seen without looking carefully, reaching a state close to natural growth. This method is mainly used for invisible crocheting and processing.


If the skin is treated with hair roots, it is even more ideal. The so-called hair root skin, the hair root hair color fades close to the skin color and knots, plus the invisible film bionic, the effect can be said to be perfect, but because the buckle in the middle of the tie is too small , So the hardness will be impaired. This is a situation that is easy to fall off.


The roots of the skin have similar problems. It is root bleach. After treatment, the stratum corneum is destroyed and the hair becomes very brittle, especially the hair at the hairline is often combed, so breakpoints will appear. Then, Toupeec also introduced the maintenance methods and how to care for the hair. I believe everyone knows what to do.


One hook and half weave:


This technique is widely used. Most areas of ordinary single-layer nets are woven by this process. Its characteristics are good hair fixation, firmness and not easy to fall off, good fluffy feeling, suitable for friends who like fluffy and thick hair styles. Its disadvantage is that the knot is relatively large.


The knots are easy to see when opening the hair roots. What Toupeec wants to say is that one thing about this braiding method is that your hair cannot be cut too short, and the hairstyle is more suitable for long hair.


Double buckle hook knitting method:


The double buckle technique is to add a single buckle to a single buckle, which is equivalent to repeating a single buckle twice. The hardness is good and the service is good. This technology is mainly used for "ordinary single-layer full-head and back nets." The meaning of the whole head needs no explanation.


This is the entire mens toupee hair in the UK. The lateral dorsal mesh refers to the side and back of the brain. Crochet knitting in these two places is very special. Most people don't like the hair on the sides and the hair on the back of the head exploding. It will look very uncomfortable, just like sleeping without combing your hair, so Toupeec is usually double-buttoned here, strong and compliant.


V word knitting method:


Also called injection crochet method, it is also a commonly used method in the process of making toupee hairs. Mainly used for rotation and frame of silica gel. In recent years, it has also been used to weave full bionic film wool.


This method is different from other crochet methods without knotting. The knitting yarn is the same as the V-shaped needle, and then the hair roots are fixed on the back with glue. Its characteristics are high fidelity, no nodes, and many shortcomings. The adhesive burns easily and is not durable.


Hand stitch and crochet knitting methods:


If you use this technique to explain, it should be a combination of single buckle and v-pin. The bottom net adopts single crochet knitting, and then the crocheted wool is extracted from the net, which is strong and realistic.


It is currently high-end. In the production process of the product, but the technology is not brushing glue, so it can achieve penetration and fidelity, hair roots are clear, lifelike, withstand scrutiny, and easier to manage.


Many friends may be unfamiliar or don't know where to pay attention to these techniques. In the future, Toupeec will be more popular with everyone. It will also encourage us to make the process more transparent, so that everyone can have more fun when buying toupee for men!