Mono base is durable than lace base and also more breathable than skin base. Some customers perfer to mono base because of the durability and breathability. There are 5 kinds mono materials. They are fine welded mono, fine mono, super fine mono and silk mono. Toupeec has some popular mens hair replacement systems designs with these mono materials.


Please find as following:


Fine Welded Mono with Clear PU on sides back and PU coat on front side


Fine welded mono can be made total base. But for this kind, the clear PU and the PU coat is convenient to use tape or glue. The leading time for this kind is about 9-12 months.


Fine Mono with PU coat on sides back and clear PU front


Fine mono can’t be made as whole base because it is easily frayed. For this kind, the PU coat is durable. The clear PU front can achieve natural hairline effect. The leading time is also 9-12 months.


Super Fine Mono with Clear PU on sides back and French Lace front


Super fine mono also can’t be made as whole base. For this kind, the French lace front is very natural. The knots is invisible. The clear PU can easily use tape or glue on it.


Silk Mono with PU coat edge and Clear PU front


This kind is similar as Fine mono kind. The clear PU front is for natural hairline effect.