Resorting to hats


Tony was unfortunate enough to lose his hair very early into his adult life. He had to go from having long hair to having very short hair to mask the thinning nature of his hair. His confidence, took a big dent and his hair loss started to affect Tony’s social life. Tony found himself always wearing a baseball cap and as such, going out became difficult because of the no-cap policy many places have.


Initial hair loss solution


Tony turned to hair fibers as a way to thicken his hair and persevered with them for a couple of years. However, never entirely convinced by hair fibers, Tony started looking into hair transplants and his research eventually lead him to hair systems.


Discovering hair systems


Like many others, Tony came across hair toupees through expensive clinics that offer people consultations and create bespoke hair systems for them. Tony visited a local one and signed up for a plan but over time, he learned that he could save himself a significant amount of money if he could source his hair systems online himself. Cue Toupeec.


Discovering Toupeec


Tony began sifting through different companies online and comparing them. The Toupeec videos stood out for Tony and unlike other companies, Toupeec showed the physical products in their videos.


First Toupeec hair system


Tony communicated with our customer service via WhatsApp to learn more about our ordering process and what we could offer. Since Tony was familiar enough with hair systems he was happy to order a custom-made one for himself. He knew he liked French lace but wanted Remy hair because hair quality and appearance are very important to him. At the time, we did not offer his preferred model as a stock hair systems but our ever-popular Champion full French lace hair system is now available with Remy hair as a stock model and is known as Champion Remy.

Champion Remy has a full French lace base with bleached knots all over. Here are the features of Tony’s hair system that you see him wearing for your reference:


Everyday life with a Toupeec hair system


Tony lives quite an active lifestyle and he is often out and about and exposed to the elements of Cardiff where he lives. Cardiff is not known for its good weather but Tony has found his hair system holds up well on the many wet, blustery days that the city experiences. His long walks along the bay give him no reason to worry.

Tony’s hair system has given him a new lease of life and he now finds he is able to do much more with his life. He is more confident about going to the gym as he does not need to worry about his hair anymore. Swimming proved no problem on a beach holiday where he spent a lot of time in the sea. His hair system gives him complete peace of mind.




Tony is happy to say that his Toupeec hair system has been life-changing. He now feels more confident about himself. People compliment him on his hair and he is happy to shock them by pointing out that he is actually wearing a hair system. He has no need for a baseball cap anymore. Previously, it was a case of what would go well with my cap but now he can ask himself what goes with my hair? 


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