Every company has its own model set, and toupeec is no exception. What makes them different is the type of hair model they provide. Some hair companies offer more kinds of specific materials (their specialties), while others offer many different versions of many different materials and have many different combinations. Toupeec falls in the latter of the two.


At toupeec, our men's hair system is carefully selected and has the most basic models, which combine at least two materials used to create a very unique hair system.


In this article, we will discuss more popular hair systems that are common in the hair replacement industry.


Monofilament top with poly coating perimeter


It's still one of the most popular and durable hair systems for men. It usually has the maximum density and can last for a year if properly maintained. It's the best choice for customers who usually have a good budget and love high density. Although it is the least natural-looking.


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Monofilament top with poly skin perimeter


The hair system is very similar to the first model, except the poly taping area is a skin material. As a result, it becomes thinner around and less durable. A well maintained wearer can stick to these specific models for up to nine months before the edge of the skin begins to crack. However, due to the skin perimeter, the hair system looks more natural than the first model.


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Full Thin Skin


This is the entire base made of a thin layer of polyurethane. Stack the layers together until the required thickness is reached to maintain the appropriate density and provide a natural skin appearance for the hair wearer. There is no lace material on the Full Thin skin base.


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Full fine welded Monofilament


There are many lace family in their categories. This material is the first lace material to achieve a natural look without any surrounding. This is quite a breakthrough in the hair replacement industry (in the past). In order to shape the material, the manufacturer will use laser technology to get the right cuts and frames. This material is similar and feels like a screen door, except for smaller gaps or holes. Fine welded monofilament is the most durable lace material, which can be worn without any peripheral equipment.


All French lace


French lace is the second most durable lace material to provide a more natural look. However, the lace material can be used for up to six months if it is well maintained before it starts to tear. Due to its breathability, flexibility and natural appearance, it is one of the most popular choices for men's full lace hair system.


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Full Swiss lace


This material is one of the most natural materials on the market, but the most vulnerable of all lace materials mentioned so far. The wearer can get up to three months before seeing wear, thanks to a good hair system. In most cases, it takes only 1-2 months for the wearer to use Swiss lace base. Usually, this material can't bear too much hair weight, and most factory made Swiss lace hair systems are less dense.


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Lace top with poly paint perimeter


The perimeter of the poly paint is just a thin layer of polyurethane, gently layered on top of the lace material. Think of it as adding a thin layer of glue to a piece of paper. There is a shiny residue on the lace material. This design method is usually used in full lace base system, only added to the side and back for easy connection. However, this increased polymer layer protects the edges from laces tearing. Like other full lace hair systems, this design has a natural look on the hairline, but enhanced durability on both sides and at the back.


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These hair systems are just part of the most common hair systems in the hair replacement industry, and they are also very popular. Therefore, choosing which basis to compare the price and quality with these men's toupee wigs will help determine which brand to work on in the long term. This is important if you are committed to wearing men's hair systems and toupees, as each brand has its standards with curating hair units.


At toupeec, we strive for affordable quality. However, we always encourage wearers to do their best to study what is most suitable for them.