Is this your first time to buy a men's toupee? Maybe you are confused about this. We will provide some useful answers to some frequently asked questions.




Why choose toupees in hair transplant surgery?


Surgical hair transplants are expensive and invasive. Although it can fill the patch of baldness, it will not prevent any hair loss in the future. That's why men's toupees are a good choice. It is cost-effective and will always provide coverage.




Will my toupee fly in the wind?


The short answer is "no", please rest assured that your hair toupee will not fall off. Just as the structure of hair toupees has improved, the development of adhesives and tapes also has strong retention and long service life.




I'm afraid someone will know I'm wearing a toupee! What should I do?


Men's hair toupees have come a long way in the past few years. The production technology is advanced and involves many skills. These days, hair and toupees are undetectable.




How many toupees do I need every year?


It all depends on the type of hair system you choose, the lifestyle and the way you keep your hair toupee. However, it can be said that the more realistic the toupee looks, the shorter its life span. For example, ultra thin skin toupees are designed to be used only once and last for a month. A well cared monofilament based toupee can last about a year.




Am I a night toupee or permanent?


It's all up to you. However, many modern tapes and glues can only be used for a few weeks, so if you want to put on your hair toupee 24 / 7, you can, but not just take it off.




What's the difference between an ordinary man's toupee and an ordinary man's toupee?


The hair of the stock is ready to be sold. Our primary toupees all have a standard base size of 8 "X10" and a hair length of 6 ". However, we can cut smaller colors for you, and there are many colors to choose from, even white hair. The quality of the spare toupee is not bad. If you are in a hurry, it's just a convenient choice. The custom toupee is designed according to your exact specifications, including all the measures you use to make the mold. Custom toupees are completely customizable. From length to wave, from color to curl. Custom toupee is always your best choice.