When it comes to a man with a toupee hair replacement system on a treadmill, his toupee hair replacement system doesn't fall off his head while jogging. But if he's running on a treadmill, he can't tell how it fell off your head.




Some people try to run on a treadmill with toupee hair pieces, but sometimes they don't, and they fall when playing ball games. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear toupee hair pieces when playing ball games and running. If you want to wear a mens toupee hair replacement system while playing ball games or running, there are many ways to make sure the toupee hair replacement system is firmly fixed to your head. Make sure your toupee hair replacement system is the right size and learn more about how to wear it when you need a salesperson.




Here are some consequences you will face:



Cause rash and serious hair loss




Toupee hair replacement system wearing can worsen hair loss. I know it's not good for them, but it's true. toupee hair replacement system wearing will gradually aggravate our hair loss. In addition, the air permeability of many toupee hair pieces is poor, just like you have a fever for a long time. It will heat the hair, sweat the scalp and secrete more body fat.




However, the air permeability of toupee hair pieces is not very good. This will make it difficult for scalp skin to sweat, block hair follicles and cause severe hair loss. What's more, most of the toupee hair pieces sold in the toupee hair replacement system market are not made from human hair. They all contain chemicals, which can cause certain damage to your scalp, especially when people with toupee hair pieces are on the treadmill.




Cause itchy scalp




Someone washes toupee hair pieces every two or three days when we wash real hair. There are still a lot of people who leave their toupee hair pieces there one day without any maintenance and then put them on many days later when they need to.




If the toupee hair replacement system is placed for a long time, it must be covered with a lot of dust and bacteria. The sebum produced by your scalp will stick to your toupee hair replacement system and make it very unsanitary. If the toupee hair replacement system is not maintained regularly, the scalp will itch when wearing it.




Poor blood circulation in scalp area




Wearing toupee hair pieces can lead to malabsorption of the scalp and block the blood circulation of the scalp. If our scalp blood circulation is not smooth, then the wearer's hair will not get enough growth nutrients, leading to more hair loss.




Allergic symptoms




Many toupee hair pieces are made of unsanitary materials, which can easily cause scalp allergy.




Scalp swelling




If it is not strong, the mens toupee hair replacement system will fall easily. As a result, many people want a tight toupee hair replacement system, especially for men with toupee hair pieces on the treadmill. It does cause scalp swelling under the action of external force, and you will fall into a coma state of fainting.




In fact, it's not only not suitable for treadmills with toupee hair pieces, but also for other sports. Although toupee hair pieces are very helpful to our facial attractiveness. If the toupee hair replacement system is not maintained, it will damage and stink. I also mentioned that toupee hair pieces are almost always made of chemical materials, so toupee hair pieces can damage your scalp and endanger your health. How to keep toupee hair pieces for men in daily life?




Keep away from high temperature. Your toupee hair replacement systemis made of heat-resistant material (except high temperature silk)




Synthetic lace toupee hair replacement systemcannot be dyed. You can ask a professional hairdresser for a perfect haircut.




Comb your hair a little. Comb the toupee hair replacement systembefore putting it on. Usually, it's best to comb the toupee hair replacement systemwith a sparse comb. When carding, diagonal carding should be used instead of straight carding, and the action should be light.




Please don't use the clip a lot.




The maintenance of toupee hair replacement system is very troublesome. Do you still not wear toupee hair replacement system when running? All in all, it's very unwise for a man with a toupee hair replacement system on a treadmill. Why not wear toupee hair pieces for men after exercise? Who cares about baldness during exercise? Forget your toupee hair replacement system and join the exercise! Come on!