According to research, hair loss isn't just something that affects older men.16% of men aged 18 to 29 are already affected by moderate to extensive hair loss. If you're starting to lose your hair, it's time to learn about toupee.   

    A toupee for men refers to small mens hair pieces that are worn on the top of the scalp to cover the area affected by hair loss.

    Our hair replacement for men is made from real human hair, they are usually cut and styled to match your hair and are usually taped and glued to the scalp. A good hair system will be designed to blend in with your natural hair and make your hair look unaffected by male pattern baldness.

    Such as skin base hair toupee:
1. 0.03 ultra-thin skin mens human hair wigs, they are the thinnest hairpieces for men in the world and can hold 80%-100% hair density.
2. 0.04-0.06 thin skin best hair dye for thinning hair, this is the most common man wigs that last longer if maintained well, it also has a 1/2 inch French lace front and completely invisible knots to help create a natural look and a realistic front hairline.
3.0.07-0.15 thick skin mens wigs for baldness, which is a thicker hair, can carry higher density human hair, can last for a long time.

    Full lace hair replacement for men, makes it almost invisible to the human eye and almost invisible to the hairline, everyone will think the hair is real and natural. They are lightweight, breathable, and very soft.