In recent years, injection hair systems have gained popularity. The base is not knotted, so the hair looks like it has grown from a real scalp. Toupeec produces three types of injection hair systems.


Thin skin flat injection hair system


This is the most common injectable hair system. Inject the hair into the bottom of the skin at a low angle. The hair seems to grow from the real scalp, but it lies flat on the scalp. The density of the flat injection hair system is medium, but the hair length should not be too long (12 inches or less). The life of the flat injection hair system is about 1-3 months. The shorter the hair and the lighter the density, the longer the life of the hair system.


Thin skin injection hair system


The bulge-injected hair system is better than the straight-injected hair system. Because the hair is flat, it is impossible to comb the flat injected hair system into different directions, but the lifted injected hair system can be combed in different directions, and the hair looks fuller than the flat injected hair. However, the bulge-injected hair system is not as durable as the straight-injected hair system because the hair roots are not maintained as well as the straight-injected hair system. Medium is the maximum density that can be obtained on the recommended hair system. Likewise, the hair cannot be too long. Otherwise the hair will fall off. The service life of the bolus hair system is also 1-3 months.


Silicon injection hair system


Silicon-infused hair systems are not as popular as skin-infused hair systems because of their thick foundation. It is about twice the thickness of the thin skin base and is much harder than the thin skin (see sketch below). The cost of this design is higher than the thin skin injection hair system. This design is very popular in Italy. Hair can be injected flat or raised; the density may be high on a silicon-infused hair system; and it has a longer life than a thin hair system injected into the skin. If you are not familiar with this design, please choose carefully and consult us before placing an order.


Generally speaking, if you are looking for a natural-looking hair transplant system and are not too concerned about durability, you should try an infused thinning skin hairpieces.