What is Alopecia or Male Pattern hair loss? 



The disorder or disorganization caused by an interruption in the hair production cycle is called male pattern hair loss or alopecia. The scalp has 100000 hairs on the head and has undergone a series of cycles of growth, rest, loss and regeneration. In the hair growth cycle, hair first develops from the hair follicle. After a period of time, the hair stops growing and separates from the follicles. And then they fell. Then the hair grows through the follicles again, and the cycle continues over and over again. In this cycle, people usually lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. If there is a cycle interruption, that is, due to damage to the hair follicles, hair loss will occur, because the number of hair loss per day exceeds the average number of hair loss. Symptoms of hair loss were observed, such as receding hairline, hair loss in plaques or persistent thinning of hair. If these symptoms persist, they can lead to complete hair loss.


Human Hair Toupee For Men: The Perfect Choice For Everyone


They are many reasons that may be related to hair loss. Among the causes, genetic factors and persistent medical conditions are prominent, scientifically pointed out and common. If the patient's parents are already coping with hair loss or taking medication for a disease, they may be the source of male hair loss. It is also worth noting that androgenic alopecia is the most common type of alopecia. Androgenic alopecia or alopecia is caused by an androgen called androgen. When men reach puberty or at most 20 years old, hair loss begins, and it becomes more and more obvious with age. It has also been shown that men eventually go completely bald during male type hair loss or subsequent hair loss.




What is the psychological impact of male hair loss?




Male hair loss or alopecia also has psychological effects. In scientific research, most men with androgenic alopecia or male alopecia experience negative emotional or brain experiences. Men who suffer from hair loss begin to lose their hair because of their decreased attractiveness and attractiveness. He also began to think that his body image had deteriorated, leading to a decrease in people's perception of him. We know that hair has social and cultural significance, so it becomes more necessary to have healthy hair. Several solutions have been tried to solve this problem. Surgical and non-surgical hair replacement systems have been introduced to combat male alopecia.




What is the solution?




The best solution for male hair loss is a non-surgical men's toupees human hair. Considering the surgical treatment, they seem to be low-cost and have permanent consequences, but the success of hair transplantation is not 100%. Compared with other hair loss methods, toupees, hairpieces, wigs, hair extensions or hair replacement systems are cheap, easy to wear, cost-effective and comfortable to wear. Today, we're talking about hair toupees. There are two kinds of materials used to make men’s toupee, so two types of hair are also available. There are two kinds of hair used in toupee for men: human hair and synthetic hair.




What is a human hair toupee for men? Why are they better?




Human hair is preferred because synthetic hair does not offer as many advantages as real hair or human hair. Human hair or real hair has natural feeling, texture and original appearance. Most of the men’s toupee hair comes from Asia, but European hair is considered to be the best, so it is expensive or expensive. Asian hair is relatively thick, so it can be chemically processed or killed to meet consumer demand for shade, curl and texture. The main trouble with human hair toupee is frequent maintenance. People have to take care of toupees like real hair.




Human hair or real hair is the most natural fiber used in men’s toupee. It can be shaped, curled and dyed like natural hair. They are more expensive than synthetic or artificial hair, ranging from medium to high. All hair used in men’s toupee is chemically programmed before use. Considering the human hair, the skin of the hair is removed during the chemical treatment. Cuticle is the outer layer of hair. This removal results in a rough texture and roughness of the hair. And it doesn't get tangled like real hair. Removing hair scales also affects the strength of the hair. You must shape and dye your hair with care. For dyeing, bright and light colors are recommended.




Real human hair adds more charm to men's character, because they can use heating tools for modeling without fear of being hurt. They give a small number of existing hairs greater length and volume. The wearer can choose from a variety of colors and textures of real hair. Human hair toupees are multifunctional and can be treated like natural hair. They have a natural look and feel, and are relatively expensive, but can be maintained and maintained properly to minimize the price. Human hair lasts for one to three years. Their extraordinary qualities include excellent softness and gloss. These qualities cannot be replicated in synthetic or artificial hair. Toupeec offers a large number of toupees hair for men. Human hair is tailor-made for you!