How to promote adhesion through Toupee Tape or Adhesive? How to wear a hair toupee correctly?


4 steps should be completed.


1. Find the middle of the front and head.

Use your fingers to teach your forehead to find out where the natural hairline is. Then according to your nose, find the center. You can mark a point with a pen or use your finger or comb to make a temporary trace.

2. Apply adjustment aid spray This is very important.

If you do not use the adjustment aid spray, the toupee will stick to your head and cannot be adjusted when it touches the scalp. You will not get a good appearance. And the wig will wrinkle. However, after spraying the alcohol conditioning liquid, you can freely adjust and move the toupee when it touches the scalp.

3. Give out fakes on your head After spraying the conditioning aid, you can dispense the fake on your head.

Grasp the toupee with your hands. Slowly lower it so that the entire toupee touches your scalp at about the same time. Then adjust so that it is in the correct position and close to the scalp without wrinkles. After bonding, lightly press the toupee to make it firm and firm.

4. Styling toupee At this point, the toupee is well fixed on your head.

Spray some styling water on your hair. Use one hand or comb to shape it into an amazing one.