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If you want to buy it, then it goes without saying that you must fully understand your product. We provide a variety of different products to meet any of your needs.


Another important piece of advice to ensure that you get the right mens toupee hair is that you should do the following three things: measure the size of your head correctly, choose the correct hair density, and get a good color combination. This should be a priority when processing your order.


Toupeec introduces you more detailed recommendations and techniques to ensure that you can meet all your needs.


Get the right mens toupee hair


The design process starts with the correct installation of the base or foundation and the correct color matching.


In the next section, we will discuss different basic models (basic materials) and designs, but for now, let us discuss how to get the correct fit.


The measurement depends on two things: the type of attachment and the size and shape of the bald patch.


Using tape to attach Toupee


When using tape, it needs to fit perfectly in size and shape, and blend with your own hair. If you choose to use tape to stick the mens toupee hair, the basic size should be less than or equal to the hair loss area, and it cannot overlap with your own hair. Otherwise, tape or glue will stick to your own hair and cause problems (ie, it will be painful to pull out the mens toupee hair). This is why we recommend reducing the basic size as much as possible and using existing hair as much as possible. Of course, this also requires the colors to be perfectly matched. The only exception to this method is if your own existing hair is too thin to blend perfectly with the mens toupee hair.


Bond or Graft


For the whole skin grafting or bonding, for example, in the whole skin or the whole lace connection, it is best to measure less than or equal to the hair loss area, just like using adhesive tape.


For the cross-linking method, it is best to measure the existing hair from ½" to ¾" from side to side and from front to back. This will help make the attachment more secure.


Clips, Snaps, Fusion etc


If you want to wear it by attaching the mens toupee hair to your own hair, then we recommend that you take a measurement large enough to insert it about ½ inch of your existing hair so that there is enough existing hair to fix the mens toupee hair on Proper location. This method also depends on the quality of your existing hair. You will need to tell you that this method may cause hair loss where the clip or snap is attached. Therefore, the clip should be fixed in a different place after a period of time to allow the hair to recover from the stress.


When to measure and when to make mold/template


The general rule is that when the bald patch is larger than 6.5 inches x 9.5 inches, it is best to make a mold. For most cases, the size is less than 6.5 inches x 9.5 inches, the standard shape and contour will be very suitable. However, for larger sizes, because different people may have different contours, buckles may appear during installation.


Choose the right base


Choosing the right foundation is one of the most important decisions.


Most of us want the most natural background color, but at the same time, we also want durability. However, there is no way to make the foundation very natural and durable. The more natural the mens toupee hair, the worse the durability. On the contrary, more lasting means less naturalness. However, before ordering the right product, you first need to have a thorough understanding of the different types of bases.



Bases fall into the following categories:


Mono (with PU& NPU)


Strong and durable double knot material. Its PU periphery makes it easy to stick/glue and clean. At least 2-3 a year are needed.


Best Stock Mens Toupee Fine Mono with Poly Skin Perimeter and Folded Hair System for Men


Poly skin


Natural, but not as long as a single base. Durability depends on the thickness of the skin, and the thinnest thickness of the skin is only 0.03mm. The types of knots on the skin can be single open knots, V-loops and injected hair. V-loops are the most natural but least durable. Single open knots are more durable, but a little more natural than V-loops.


Skin thickness of 0.10 mm, V-loops on the front 1/2 inch, and single open knots on the rest. Need 3-4 a year.


Durable High Quality Mens Toupee | Custom Thick Skin Hair Replacement System For Men



0.06 mm skin thickness, the entire V-loops. 4-6 pieces are required a year.


Best Thin Skin Hair System V-Looped Most Natural Front Hairline Undetectable Toupee Hair For Men



The skin thickness is 0.03mm and the entire V-loops. It takes 12 a year.


Ultra Thin Men's Toupee 0.03 mm Skin Hair Replacement Systems For Men



Lace base


Natural, soft, breathable, but not durable. Bleached knots will make the foundation more natural, but at the same time the durability will be reduced, requiring 4-6 pieces a year.



Super Natural Look Toupee Hair French Lace with Thin Skin Mens Hairpieces for Thinning Hair



Mixed basement of mono, place and skin


It can be a single/lace with a skin periphery and a lace front, or a lace with a skin periphery or a back and sides, or even a skin with a lace front. Durability depends on the combination method.


The front hairline is very important. Many customers want to use the natural mens toupee hair, but in fact, they only need the natural front hair line. Therefore, Lace Front is a good choice for them. The lace front can also be repaired and replaced. Need 3-5 pieces a year.



Custom Mens Toupee Fine Mono with Thin Skin and Lace Front Hair piece for Men



How to choose hair color


Usually, we will cut some hair from the back of the head as a hair sample. When collecting hair samples, try to avoid collecting hair that is too short or too small. Such samples make it difficult for the factory to perform accurate color matching (in fact, it is almost impossible).



Note that the color on the back is usually the darkest part of the head. If your hair is a darker color like #1, #1B or #2, you can order the same color as the sample from the back. If your hair is not that dark, it is best to order a color that is two shades lighter than your own hair on the back. However, we do not only recommend that you order "2 shades lighter than the hair sample", because we cannot guarantee the exact color display. It may have more red or gray tones than you think, because there is no clear standard to determine the color "2 is lighter than the sample". In this case, it is best to choose a color directly from our color wheel. Our custom color wheel has more than 100 colors to choose from. You can command the front, top and temple areas to brighten, the crown and sides to darken, and the back to darken. This will create a more natural look instead of always having the same color. Also make sure that the back and side color of the mens toupee hair exactly matches your own hair.



If you cannot find a color that suits you from the color circle, you can try to mix the two colors to see if they match.



Some tips about color matching:



Starting from the back, this will be the darkest color, and then continue to the sides and temples.



Usually, the temples and sides are a shade lighter than the back.



Usually, when you go from the back of the hair to the top of the head and the front of the hair, the color will lighten by two or more shades.



Most of the time, you do not have any hair in front of you. Therefore, you can place the color chosen for the front of the mens toupee hair on your forehead to see if the color matches your skin tone. (If you use the same color on the front and back, you will usually find that its skin tone is too dark or too rough.


Comb the color you choose from the color circle into your hair to see if it matches properly. If you are not sure whether the selected color is correct, ask your other family and friends to take a look. After all, two eyes are better than one.


We recommend that you change the color ring every two years, because human hair color will gradually fade over time. When not in use, please try to put the ring in a cabinet or drawer to avoid direct sunlight or other forms of light. Doing so will help better maintain the color.


In stock or custom-made



Before deciding whether to order stocks or custom orders, please make sure to understand our stock mens toupee hair first.



Ordinary mens toupee hair: We have more than 10 basic models and more than 20 different colors. Our standard basic size is 8x10 inches, which can be reduced to any smaller size. The density of hair is medium light or medium, which is the most popular density. The hair is slightly wavy, which is also the most common wave. The quality of the spare mens toupee hair is high because standard orders can be controlled and monitored more easily. If the hair color, hair density and wave shape all match yours, you can order a normal mens toupee hair. This is also the most convenient method. We can ship the order within 24 hours after you place the order, and you will get the stock mens toupee hair in a week or less.


But compared to the many different hair colors you can have, our color options are still limited. Many people's wavy curls are smaller than light waves. At the same time, many people want special hair density or special shapes or contours. This is why when the spare mens toupee hair is not for you, you should not hesitate to order a custom order. The color of the hair must match the wavy curls, hair density, basic shape and contour. Although it takes time to produce custom mens toupee hairs, they are really worth the wait.


Before choosing a basic model, you need to know the following information about yourself:





Hair type

Type of hairstyle required (hairline)


The color, texture, and density of the existing hair should have more or less the same function in the replacement hair.


Choosing the right alternative is very important, so you need to fully understand your situation. When you understand your situation, you can choose the best mens toupee hair according to your situation.