Having all these newly discovered hair can be great and exciting. To be honest, the chance to get a hairstyle that hasn't been worn for years or even decades makes you feel like you want to try all kinds of crazy things. It's totally natural. Painting and styling your hair is a big part of the activity.  



It's very important to take care of your hair toupee properly because you may bathe with it every day, every other day, every three days. You get a lot of abuse when you shower, blow dry and shape your hair toupee. It's part of the cause of the deterioration of the hair toupee and part of the determinant of how long the hair toupee lasts.  




How to blow dry hair toupee




Now, when you come out of the bath, the first thing you have to remember is to touch your hair with your hand and throw it back. Remember, you can't do that with a towel. The reason is that the hair toupee is a little fragile. First, you don't want to pull your hair out. Second, you don't want to knot all your hair. It's enough that we don't want to mess up our hair by shaking hands or even using a towel to do this type of exercise. So we're going to pull the towel over the top of our head, and then you're going to pull the towel down, and you can put your hand on your scalp, so you can get rid of the amount of moisture that comes from the shower.



Many people want to dry their hair with a hair dryer. It's faster. You can actually add more style and volume to your hair toupee, but we really don't recommend using a hair dryer as your first choice. The reason is that the number one heat can cause great damage to your hair and hair toupee. Heat can damage people's hair, even if they have a hair toupee or regular hair. However, if you want to use a hair dryer, use the thermal spray number to ensure that you use the cool setting on the hair dryer. As this will help prevent any damage, then try blowing all the hair in one direction. This way, we won't create excessive tangles inside your hair toupee. Remember that tangles can really take the life out of your hair toupee.




About styling your hair




Now let's talk about how to shape your hair and hair care products. When using the hair toupee, one of the things you really want to do is to make sure that as much moisture as possible enters the hair toupee. So that means using a wash free conditioner. Wash free conditioner can keep your hair moist all day long, and ensure that it won't dry due to the dry weather in the sun, your daily life or even the shampoo that will make your hair dry. This is our reason for conditioning our hair.  



I use wash free conditioner every day to shape my hair and keep it nutritious. You can use other products, such as gelatin, paste and hair oil. You can use all of these things, but they will cost your device more life, and you need to clean your device more frequently because you need to take these products out of it. Remember, the more times we use hair toupees, the more times we pass them through, the shorter their lifespan. Not only because of hair loss, but also because of the loss of color. The more chemicals there are, the more shampoo there is, and the more things the hair toupee comes into contact with, the faster it deteriorates. If your hair toupee needs to live longer, be aware of this and take precautions against your hair toupee.  



What should be avoided when sleeping in the hair toupee



Now another problem is that when you really sleep, you may lose a lot of hair. Sleeping on a normal pillow will make you lose a lot of hair. The reason is actually friction. The friction between our hair and the friction between our pillowcases. Most pillowcases are a kind of linen, which means they are easy to hold on to. One way to avoid all the hair loss that can happen while sleeping is to use silk pillowcases. To this end, silk pillowcases can save the life of your hair toupee and extend its life.



So again, heat can destroy a unit. Tangles and knots can damage your hair toupee and shorten their life span. Therefore, when we blow dry the hair, please make sure to dry the hair with a towel first, just apply pressure on the hair and drain the water, and then let it air dry naturally. If you can, or if you need a hair dryer, use it in a cool environment 6 to 12 inches from your head. Then, of course, use a wash free conditioner. If you want a design that requires gel or other types of products, please make sure that you regularly remove the product. In this way, there is no product to accumulate, but remember that using more products will shorten the life of the hair toupee. Finally, to keep your hair toupee as long as possible, consider buying a silk pillowcase. This will prevent friction on your hair toupee, making it last longer. That's the way to dry and shape and stay young.