The lifespan of mens' hair system is depend on 4 things: The material of the base, the source of the hair, the type of the hair and hair care & maintenance. And we will also give you methods about protections for hair system.

1. The material of the base

There are 3 basic materials of the base selled on Toupeec, skin base, lacebase and mono base. The following indicates roughly how long you can expect hair replacement systems to last:


Skin hair systems generally lasts 1-3 months,


Lace hair systems generally lasts 3-6 months.


Mono hair systems generally last more than half a year.


So basically, the more undetectable a hair replacement is, the more delicate it will be!


2. The source of the hair.


It also decided by the hair quality. There are many types which was named by country, such as European hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair and so on... European hair is the most soft and thin hair system, so it wll not last too long. The harder and thicker the hair is, the longer time it will last.


3. The type of the hair.


Another factor is that how you design your hair. For example, the shorter and thinner you cut your hair, the less time it will last. Besides, if you dye your hair or change your hairstyle many times, this will also accelerate
the usage of the hair replacement. Tight curls effect the longevity of hair systems for men too. Normally, mens human hair toupee hair last about 4-6 months. But this also depends on the level of processing required to achieve the color and style you want.


4. Hair care & maintenance.


How long your hair replacement for men lasts also depended on how you care about your hair system. The more you take care, the longer the hair system lasts. Don't worry, we will help you too if you are new to using mens hair systems, protect you from making uneducated mistakes in choosing hair care products and styling methods that result in dry, tangled, unmanageable hair that deteriorates faster than expected. Prevent the lack of proper care & maintenance accelerates really quickly reducing the lifespan of hair toupees for men.