Toupee for men



People may mistakenly think that people will tell you if you are wearing a men's toupee hair. Back in the past, the material used to make men's toupees was too thick and the construction method was never advanced. Today, the story of toupees is totally different. We know more about the way hair grows and have more advanced building materials and adhesives for attachment. So now, people will never know you're wearing a toupee!


Toupee hairpieces are for people who are bald because of a genetic disease. The toupee bundle is attached directly to the scalp. They come in many different lengths, colors, hair types and so on. If you are in urgent need of a hair loss solution, and the customized male toupee is designed and made according to your exact requirements, then the spare toupee is the ideal choice.




Hair quality in men's toupees




toupees have different structures, colors, wavy and curly hair and styles. There are many choices, you will undoubtedly find the right hair loss solution for you. The most important factor in appearance is the quality of natural and synthetic fibers in hair. Human hair provides more versatility in modeling, while artificial hair is stronger, but it can't be molded at high temperature. Some men even have toupees, so you can experience the benefits of both.




Basic materials of hair piece toupee




There are basically three types of foundation materials. You need to choose according to your lifestyle and personal preferences.


Lace is breathable, natural, soft but delicate.


-Monofilament can be strong and breathable, but the material is not soft.


-The skin system is knot free, so it's super realistic but airtight.


Many toupee wearers choose a composite base to gain the advantage of different materials




Attaching a toupee hair piece



Many different methods can be used to immobilize the alkali to the scalp. Extremely stickysurgical grade hair glue or toupee tape can keep the toupee on for weeks without falling off.