In this blog, Toupeec Non surgical hair replacement systems online shopping brings 10 trending hairstyles that are helping men deal with receding hairlines and regaining confidence. Without further ado, let's turn our attention to the first trending haircut on our list:


Buzz cut


A buzz haircut is one of the best hairstyles for men with a receding hairline. This haircut can be mastered with the help of electric clippers. The hair length on the top and sides is kept short and equal. Men with receding hair can also extend the buzz cut to the sides or simply combine it with low-medium fade. This is helping to make a new buzz cut statement in 2020!


Crew cut


Not a fan of super short hair? That’s not a problem as a crew cut can be a great option! For this hairstyle, the hair on the top is cut in a uniform length or tapered slightly from the front, making a widow's peak less noticeable. A crew cut is also a popular choice for men who want a hairstyle that is acceptable in a work environment.




For men who want to keep it simple, there’s the comb-over. It’s a vintage hairstyle that makes a receding hairline look like a style statement. Keep the overall hair length to medium; accentuate the part line with the razor and comb your top hair to one side. Sound a little dull? You can also pair a comb-over with a fade or undercut on the sides. It will give this classy haircut a modern look.


Slicked back undercut


The slicked back haircut was a hit amongst men in the 90s. In the last couple of years, this nostalgic hairstyle has come back with a twist. Nowadays, this hairstyle is fused with an undercut. The length of the hair on the back and sides of your head remains short while the hair on the top is longer. It is not only helping men tackle a receding hairline but also making them look smart like G-Eazy.




Are you in your early 20s and have a receding hairline but want to hide it with a modern-day hairstyle? The mohawk is perfect for you! With the sides shaved short and a long strip running from the hairline to the back of your head, this spiked up haircut will give you a very cool look. You can also combine this awe-inspiring 2020 hairstyle with taper fades or braids. It will add a dramatic contrast between the two sections of your hairstyle. 




Men who want to get the punk-inspired mohawk but don’t like long, spiked hair can experiment with a fauxhawk. The hair is kept short on the top which easily fades into the clipped sides. A fauxhawk also tends to work well with gentlemen who have to conform to the restrictions of an office environment.

Expert tip: A beard with this hairstyle will look super cool for men with a widow's peak. Just remember to maintain it once a week!


The close-cropped cut


Hairstyles for a receding hairline can be conventional as well. A close-cropped cut is a perfect example of this. This hairstyle looks pretty similar to the crew cut but it has a medium hair length on the top instead of being cut short. The sides, on the other hand, are kept short. This will help you hide the receding hairline adequately and look handsome while doing that. That's why natural hairline is very important too!


Pompadour fade


Let’s take a trip back to the time when a pompadour hairstyle was the thing. Wait, we don’t have to because the pompadour is in fashion right now! This haircut is popular amongst men in their twenties and one of the hottest for receding hairlines. However, today’s pompadour has a taper fade! By having a fade on the sides and a pompadour on top, you will be capturing the same cool look but in a modern way!

Make sure that the hair on top has a length of least 5 inches. This means it can lay flat when combed back and give it some height after blow-drying.




Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have made a clean shaved head the symbol of unabashed masculinity. If you have the right face shape and physique, you can definitely pull off the bald look with or without a beard. If you do want to go with a bald head, Toupeec recommends using a tanning lotion since it will make your head look shinier. It will also help you attain the sexy-bald look naturally. 


Old school comb-over


Need something easy to style and maintain for your receding hairline? The old-school comb-over will be perfect for you. This classic hairstyle will effortlessly blend your receding front hair with the rest of the hair. Keep the hair length long so that it can be combed to the side. This hairstyle is often popular with men who want to pull off a professional look.


Our list of 10 popular hairstyles for men with receding hairlines comes to an end here. All of these hairstyles will not only divert attention from your receding hairline but also make you look more handsome than ever. Buy toupee hair pieces when we are having promo sales activities!


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